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How to Access Extra Glyphs in Windows 10, Illustrator and MS Words

This quick tutorial is about , How to access extra glyphs in Windows 10, Adobe Illustrator and MS Word. So, if you have download or purchase fonts that contain extra glyphs like ligatures, stylistic set, swash etc. And you don't really know how does it works. Hope, this tutorial can give you some explanations. 

How to install fonts in Windows.

Ok, We use Windows 10 in this tutorial, because I don't have Mac T_T. But, I think this will very similar way to install fonts. Just follow simple steps bellow.
Fonts info : I use Khanza Script by Rachma , for example.
  1. If you get .ZIP files. Just unzip it. 
  2. Choose .OTF files , so you can access Open Type Features in some software editor. It's mean , you can access extra gylphs. I tried install .TTF , but I can not access the extra glyphs. So, I suggest you to choose .OTF files in this chase.
  3. Just Double Click .OTF files then click Install. Done !
To check , your font has been Installed correctly. Just go to Your System (C:) > Windows > Fonts.

How to access Glyphs on Illustrator

I use Adobe Illustrator CS2 , you can download it here from Adobe, Legally. It's very old , but still works , he2 :). 
Let's try !
  1. Open your Illustrator , make New Document and Write some text.
  2. To change fonts styles, just block your text then in the fonts options toolbar, you can choose what you like here even change the size too.
  3. Go to Type > Glyphs. Then, choose your fonts , for example, Khanza Script. Now, you can access the extra glyphs.

How to access Glyphs on MS Words

Mmm... We try using MS Word because , I think it can be used to general people , both Designer and Non Designer. So, this section, we will show you , How to use extra Glyphs. 

A. How to enable Ligatures in MS Word.

  1. Open your MS Word (I use MS Word 2013).
  2. Write some text.
  3. Block that text that you want and Right Click your mouse then choose Font . Change the fonts style , for example Khanza Script. 
  4. In Advanced menu, just select "Standard Only" in the Ligatures:
  5. Try some ligature word, for example "tt" , and done !

B. How to enable Stylistic Glyphs in MS Words.

If you want to access swash or stylistic set , just follow this steps bellow,
  1. Folow step 1-3 above.
  2. Go to Advanced menu, In Stylistic Set , choose the sets number and see the preview. It's depend what you like to add in the character.
That's all . I am sorry for my Bad English, Hope you will more understand what I mean by seeing the Image in Action . :)
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