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How to Bulk Export Design in Affinity Designer

I think Affinity Designer have a lot of export format specially best compatible with SVG , EPS and PSD. The more nice feature is Export Persona that allow you to bulk export or mass export with Slice Tool. This is very useful if you want to export bunch of individual object like icon in single click. 
Today tutorial is about "How to bulk export design in Affiliate Designer". 
Before we started, I will use last resources from tutorial "How to make flat isometric block like Minecraft with Affinity Designer"
If you ready. Click Export Persona icon in the left corner of the toolbar. 
Choose Slice Tool or press S key.
Then drag your mouse around the object that you want to export individually. Slice them carefully. Please see the image bellow.

Well done..

I already slice them individually . Now, It's time to export.
Select the Slice object that you want to export.
Go to default tab . In the Preset menu choose the format files that you want. For example , I want to export them to PNG files . So , all selected Slice will be exported to PNG files with single click. 
Just click Export Slices ( bellow layer ) to make it happen. 
Again, Just one click and tadaaa ... Now you have bunch of ready PNG files.
That is all, thank you very much.

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