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Imagine about Comic Sans Project

Comic Sans... Comic Sans... Huff... Ok , I cannot say what I feel about Comic Sans. :) It's between hater and lover among designers. And I appreciate their opinion.
// Pssst ... honestly , for my self, I like comic sans when I was kid, even it become  my favourite font πŸ˜πŸ˜‚  //
When you compare between Helvetica Nueu Vs Comic Sans. Maybe you will know , what will be chosen by designers, And we know , both of Helvetica Nueu and Comic Sans , they are popular fonts. Just imagine , bellow is some project inspirations using Comic Sans.

1. Tumblr 

Tumblr logo project using comic sans.

2. Play Station

Playstation logo project using comic sans. Play time , kids !

3. Super Man

Super comic sans ... oops

4. Twitter

Twitter logo using comic sans

5. Internet Explorer

IE logo using comic sans. Even, they change the "e" logo to comic sans. Very funny, love it πŸ˜„

6. Star Wars

Star Wars logo using comic sans

7. Walt Disney

Walt Disney logo using comic sans

8. Mcdonal

I'm lovin it ... Yes yes , that make you look slim with Comic Sans. Slim is better 😜

9. Android

Android logo using comic sans. Eemmm Hmm #4!??

10. Microsoft 

Microsoft logo using comic sans.

Do you like it or not ? 😳
Hopefully you like it , and make you happy ... Please also like my facebook page πŸ˜‰Thank you !

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